Chinese names in Moodle

Handling Chinese names is a big problem for those who can’t read characters. Here is how I handle the names of Chinese students in Moodle.
Chinese students usually have a 3 character name with the first character being their family name. It is also common for students to have an “English” name, which is an informal nickname and can change through the year. I am still unsure how Chinese names are sorted but the lists I am given are sorted by a class number ( Student 1 often through Student 60) and this is based on student ID. Chinese do not appear to have the negative connotations of being referred to by a number,
Moodle expects both a first and surname so how do we fit Chinese names into this pattern?
First of all, I use their school issued user id as their Moodle user id. This is a unique number and I will use the student ID to match Moodle grades to school grades. This is the link between the two systems.
Using language customization, I replace the string “First name” with “English name” and “Surname” with Chinese name. I refer to students by their English names while their Chinese names is written in Chinese characters. That displays an English nickname followed by their 3 character Chinese name ie Cary 格兰特. Having both names are useful for both me and the students as I think of them using their English names, their classmates think of them using their Chinese names.
Google translate is able to translate Hanzi into Pinyin so the Chinese characters can be quickly converted to a phonetic spelling.  Moodle provides a field for “First name – phonetic “so this could be added to this field to allow the names to be easily read by someone like myself.

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